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For independent riding, the Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar telescopes together and folds down safely and compactly to the side of the adult bike and is securely held in place by a storage bracket. The tow bar stores discretely out of the way on the adult bike and is always there if needed. This option gives children a chance to ride on their own, and further their bicycling skills.

Attachment and detachment can be done at any time and only takes seconds. No tools are necessary and no parts need to be removed from either bike. The tow bar weights just 5 pounds and the high-strength steel construction make it virtually indestructible. The Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar gives adults and children the option of riding together or separately for a fun, safe, and enjoyable bike ride. Whichever option you choose, the Trail-Gator makes it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of bicycling with your child.

Quick Release for easy removal of Tow Bar from the Adult Bike now included!

Retail Price: $109.95(US)

Out of stock and will have back in stock soon

Tow Bar Owners Manual

Flip Up Training Wheels: These special training wheels are offered, for children that need training wheels when riding independently. The training wheels can be quickly rotated up and out of the way for use with the tow bar and rotated back down when the child is riding on their own. Training Wheels fit 12", 14", 16", and 20" bicycles. Warning: training wheels must be rotated up or removed when child bike is being towed.

Retail Price: $29.99(US)

Flip Up Training Wheel Manual

Removable Mirror: Mirror can be quickly and easily attached or removed from the adult bicycle for use when riding with the tow bar. It attaches to either side of the handlebar, without tools, using a Velcro strap. The mirror is fully adjustable to provide a clear view of the child while being towed.

Color: Black

Retail Price: $11.99(US)


Extra Receiver Kit: This kit sets up an additional child's bike for use with the tow bar. An adult riding with more that one child can alternate towing between child bikes, giving all children a chance to be towed. The kit contains all hardware that is mounted on the child bicycle. This kit is optional and only needed when wanting to tow additional child bicycles.

Temporarily out of stock

Extra Seat Post Kit: This kit allows the Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar to be used with more than one adult bike. Adult riders can take turns towing a single child's bike, giving both adults a chance to join in on the fun. The kit includes all hardware that is mounted to the adult bike. A quick release is also included in this kit. This kit is optional and is only needed when transferring the tow bar from one adult bike to another adult bike.

Colors: (Red-Temporarily out of stock), (Blue-Temporarily out of stock) , (Black-Temporarily out of stock)

Retail Price: $25.99(US)

Center Pull Brake Adapter Kit: Allows tow bar to be fitted on child bike frames with center pull brakes. Adapter offsets the brake cable allowing the receiver to mount on the head tube of the child bike. This kit is only used on child bikes with center pull brakes.

Retail Price: $6.99 (US)

Center Pull Brake Adapter Kit Owners Manual


Seat Post Shim Set
(Labeled in Manual A and B)

Retail Price: $3.95

8mm Quick Release
(Labeled in Manual 8mm QR)

Retail Price: $5.95

Pivot Block Cap
(Located on seat post u-joint)

Retail Price: $2.75

Safety Pin
(Labeled in Manual H)

Retail Price: $5.95

6mm Quick Release
(Labeled in Manual N, O)

Retail Price: $5.95

Temporarily out of stock

U Bolt Set (quantity 2 assemblies)
(Labeled in Manual I, also with nuts, washers)

Retail Price: $6.95

(Labeled in Manual J)

Retail Price: $6.95

Fork Clamp Set
(Labeled in Manual S, T, V, W, X, Y, Z)

Retail Price: $8.95

Ball Socket Bolt Assembly
(Labeled in Manual X, Y, Z)

Retail Price: $4.95

Ball Snap Clip
(Located at end of rod BB in Manual)

Retail Price: $2.95

Stabilizer Rod Assembly
(Labeled in Manual AA, BB, CC)

Retail Price: $9.95

Storage Bracket Assembly
(Labeled in Manual EE)

Retail Price: $4.95

Temporarily out of stock

35mm Seat Post Clamp (Black color)
(Fits seat post with 35mm diameter)

Retail Price: $12.95

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