General requirements for tow bar use

  • Fits 12" (30.5cm) - 20" (50.8cm) tire diameter size child bikes
  • Adult bike minimum size tire diameter 25" (63.5cm)
  • Tow bar receiver fits child bikes with head tubes up to 45mm (1.77") wide in diameter and expans for bolting distance of 105mm (4.1") for top and bottom U-bolt spacing.
  • Fits adult bike seat post diameter 1" (25.4mm) - 1.25" (31.8mm)
  • For use with children up to 70 pounds (32kg)
  • Adult rider must weigh at least twice that of the child rider.
  • Child bike must have rear free wheel capability. (Bike capable of coasting with out pedaling)

General Use and Riding Questions

Can the child steer their bike when attached?
Since the front wheel of the child bike is lifted off the ground and the handlebars of the child bike are secured by the handlebar stabilizer rod, the adult bike controls all steering.

How does towing affect the balance and over all ride of the adult bike?
Anyone who can balance when riding alone should not have problems balancing with the tow bar attached. It is recommended that you first attach the tow bar and ride without towing a child to become familiar with balancing, turning, stopping, starting, and the over all feel of riding with the tow bar. Though towing may feel slightly different at first, most riders adapt quickly and easily.

Would the Trail-Gator be suitable to use in rough terrain situations?
The Trail-Gator was designed and tested for the purposes of on-road use. Rough terrain may present riding situations for which the Trail-Gator was not designed or tested.

Is the child using the rear wheel brake a problem?
We suggest that you work with your child on when and when not to use the brakes and practice in a vacant area before you go out on a ride. With good instruction this will not be a problem.

General Fit and Installation Questions

Can the Trail-Gator be used with an adult bike that has a child carrier or luggage rack secured to it?
In order for the Trail-Gator to operate, the tow bar must have the freedom to move up and down slightly and side to side when towing. Consequently, it will work with some luggage racks, but will not work with a child carrier.

Will the tow bar store on an adult bike with rear disc brakes?
The tow bar should work with rear disc brakes as long as there is room to place the tow bar storage bracket on the rear wheel axle. The tow bar can be folded to either side of the bike for storage.

Can the Trail-Gator be used on a child bike larger than 20" or with persons weighing more than 70 pounds?
The Trail-Gator is designed to work with 12"-20" bikes with riders weighing 70 pounds or less. Due to the receiver angle on the tow bar, bike frames larger than 20” will not be able to be set up to the proper wheel height clearance. Child riders more than 70 pounds also make it more difficult to tow.

Can the Trail-Gator be used with adult bikes with wheel diameters smaller than 25"?
The Trial-Gator is designed for use with 25” diameter and larger wheel adult bikes to ensure that the proper wheel lift is achieved on the child bike when installing and towing. Smaller adult frames could cause the child bike to ride lower to the ground without the proper front wheel clearance.

How far is the front wheel of the child bike lifted off of then ground?
The Trail-Gator is provided with an adjustable receiver, which mounts to the front of the child's bike, that allows you to lift the child's front wheel a recommended 3"-5" off the ground. This keeps the child at a safe and comfortable angle while riding.

What keep the child's bike in an up right position, when attached?
The tow bar has a vertical and a horizontal pivot located at the adult bike seat post area, which allow for side to side and up and down movement only, and keeps the child bike in an up right position when being towed. The tow bar attachment to the child bike receiver is a rigid mount therefore restricting movement at that end.

Can the Trail-Gator be used on 3 wheel bikes or tri-cycles?
No, the Trail-Gator only have up and down and side to side move, which requires the trailed bike to lean with the adult bike when towed.

Can the Trial-Gator be used on adult front and rear suspension type bikes?
Yes, the Trail-Gator can be used on most types of suspension bikes. We suggest that the rear end be adjusted as to limit the up and down movement.

Can the Trail-Gator steering stabilizer rod attach to a front suspension fork?
No, we recommend that the steering stabilizer rod assembly be attached to the handlebar instead. See Owners Manual.

What is the range of clamp sizes for the handlebar stabilizer rod assembly?
The handlebar stabilizer rod clamps will fit 7/8” all the way up to 1-1/4” and can either be mounted on the child bike front fork or the handlebars.

Why is the stabilizer rod not snapping to the ball socket bolt to secure the handlebars?
The alignment is off. Loosen both the ball socket clamp and the tow bar tube clamp. Rotate both clamps until the stabilizer rod snaps into place and then retighten the clamps. See Owners Manual.

Other Products or Kits Questions

Can regular training wheels be left down on the child's bike when using the tow bar?
Leaving regular training wheels on your child's bike while towing them is dangerous and they must be either removed or replaced by our Flip-Up Training Wheel, which are specially designed for use with the tow bar. See Flip Up Training Wheels Owners Manual.

When is a Center Pull Brake Kit needed?
If your child bike is equipped with a center pull brake then you will need a center pull kit to move the brake cable away from the receiver mounting area. See Center Pull Brake Owners Manual.

Warranty Questions

What type of warranty comes with the Trail-Gator?
S&S Industries, Inc. warrants this product to the original purchaser, to be free of defect in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Product Owner's Manuals for download
Bicycle Tow Bar
Flip Up Training Wheels
Center Pull Brake Kit

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